Metal to the Masses 2020

Deathwave Entertainment is once again working with Bloodstock Open Air to bring the 2020 Metal 2 The Masses initiative to the Merseyside region.

Heats are being held at EBGBs on the following dates:

* 10 April
* 24 April
* 15 May
* 29 May

If your band wish to participate in the M2TM Merseyside 2020 then, please contact us via the form below filling in all the details.

M2TM Merseyside Rules

M2tM is not rules-heavy but we do have some basic ground rules mostly to keep things fair and as transparent as possible.


1. No band that has previously performed at Bloodstock is permitted to enter the initiative. Individual artists may enter with a different band at the discretion of DeathWave Entertainment and Bloodstock representatives.


2. Bands are permitted to enter the initiative in any region that  M2tM is held, but are limited to entering only one regional competition per year.


3. Bands must perform original material and be of a suitable style to perform at Bloodstock. (Material must be some form of Hard Rock or Heavy Metal music).


4. Bands are expected to be available to perform at a first-round of the initiative (one of the above dates), the regional final (11/07/20) in Liverpool and at Bloodstock Open Air (6/8/20 - 9/8/20) in Derbyshire.


5. Artists are expected to act in a professional, fair and sporting manner. This is to include following specified set times and working with the event organisers and other artists for the betterment of the initiative over individual goals.